~ Welcome 4th grade families ~


I'm so excited to meet my 2020-2021 class! 

Note: All fourth graders will get to meet their teacher on Tuesday, August 18th from 11-1 PM.  During that time, we will pass out binders, textbooks, Science and Social Studies Kits, and more!  I can't wait to see you there!

What will distance learning look like in the fall?
Click on the button below for a sample schedule!​

Distance Learning Class Supply List

Students will be provided all the necessary materials for distance learning classwork including  a binder, textbooks, Science and Social Studies kits, and a Chromebook (if a Chromebook is needed).    

Below are the basic materials you will need at home to kick off the school year!  

 Materials needed are as follows:

  • A standard size pencil box

  • A box of crayons

  • A box of colored pencils and small box of markers

  • Five pencils - Sharpened

  • Student Size Scissors

  • A handheld pencil sharpener (with shavings collector)

  • Red Pen

  • 5 glue sticks

  • 2 (Thick Size) White board markers

  • Eraser, cloth, or sock used to erase whiteboard

  • 2 spiral bound wide-ruled notebooks

Additional Request:
During the first week of school, students will need to gather two additional items at home.

Those items are as follows:

  1.  One picture of your family (taken over the summer or at an earlier point in time). This will be turned in during the first drop off/pick up date (TBD) at school.  Your child's teacher will hang it up in the classroom for students to see when they visit campus.

  2. One picture from your child’s perspective of something he/she did this summer. For example, if you go camping, have your child take a picture of the campsite, favorite view, etc. This picture will be cut up, so please make sure your child has a copy that you don’t need back.

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